With Omar Sene

Contemporary and traditional dance

Traditional contemporary dance is based on traditional African dances. Every time I give a dance workshop, I focus on the movements of our ancestors (tradition). In doing so, I dare to translate between the gestures of yesterday and today. The movements of traditional dance are movements of resistance, grace, slowness, speed and very energetic. In my dance workshops I try to use existing techniques of these dances. Traditional African dance contains many of its own techniques and teachings that even experienced dancers are slow to discover. In my workshops I use emotions, vibrations, the educational part of everyday gestures. Contemporary dance reflects current life just as much as traditional dance. My work consists of giving the dancers a great openness to how they can physically realise (express) the movements of life.

Zagala technique expresses resistance.

All movements are performed on the floor, on the knees. This is also a reflection of traditional African dances rooted in their culture, their country.

Workshop with live drum music
Prerequisite: Some movement experience.
Language: French, German and English.

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