Nii Ashitey Nsotse
Kuyum Arts 2023/2021

Nii Ashitey Nsotse

Nii Ashitey Nsotse, musician from Ghana, was born on 19 April 1955 in Avenor, near the capital Accra. Through his family he came into contact with traditional music at an early age, in which his father taught him from the age of 10. Nii Ashitey decided to train as a professional musician at the National Folcloristic Company Arts Council of Ghana. He completed his training with the title of National Drummer, which included drumming, dance, and singing.

In 1972, Nii Ashitey joined the group Nokoko, which changed its name to Nokoko Yé when they decided to turn more to Ghanaian traditional music. After touring Togo, Benin and Nigeria, Nii Ashitey came to Germany in 1983, where he began offering drum and dance workshops.
Besides his stage activities, Nii Ashitey Nsotse teaches at the SRH-Fachschule Heidelberg, the Musikschule Südliche Bergstraße, the Volkshochschule Weinheim. For 20 years, Nii Ashitey Nsotse has taught annually as a lecturer of the “Traumfabrik” at the University of Regensburg and accompanied the Traumfabrik Theatre Tour 2013/14.

Musically, Nii Ashitey is currently busy developing new modes of expression and will certainly come up with some surprises in this regard in the near future.

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