Kuyumarts 2024

The festival

Kuyum Dance Platform 2024

5-day dance festival at Theaterhaus Berlin, 25th to 29th September 2024

The festival is dedicated to the visibility and promotion of neo-African choreographies. Artists of African descent from Germany and abroad are invited, as well as artists of non-African descent who integrate neo-African dance practices into their work. What is neo-African dance? It is a form of contemporary dance that draws on techniques, aesthetic principles and choreographic elements that can be found in the movement language of dancers of African descent and are incorporated into their choreographies. This year’s festival will put a special focus on Afrofuturism – a cultural movement that combines Africa’s rich history with science fiction and fantasy in the lenses of the diaspora, offering inspiration for a more diverse future.

The aim of the Kuyum Dance Platform is to offer the invited artists a platform on which they can present neo-African dance performances to a broad audience – free from the attributions and clichés that often lurk behind them. In addition, the 5 days invite networking: artistic approaches can be exchanged and co-operations established. The Kuyum Dance Platform sees itself as a catalyst for a new perception of African dance forms in the diaspora.

The festival takes place on an open-air stage and in theatre spaces. In addition to the performances, the audience is invited to workshops. One of them is aimed at young people with its barrier-free access, and some of them are offered by the artists performing at the festival. There will also be a conference on neo-African dance/Afro-futurism entitled “Dancing the future, education, healing & ecology”, coordinated and moderated by Nora Amin.

Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the Kuyum Dance Platform 2024 programme.



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