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Omar Sene

Omar Sene was born in Dalifort, Dakar, Senegal, into a family of 10 children. He dropped out of school very early. In order to support him, his family sent him to the Koranic school, then in apprenticeship, he discovered and did several small jobs as a fish bag carrier at the market, cabinetmaker, metal carpenter, public transport borrower, etc. At the same time, he began to frequent and rub shoulders with the artists (traditional dance) of his neighbourhood, where he took his first steps in traditional dance in 1998.

In 2001 Omar started to look for other dance techniques with his brother, Master Papa Sy, founder of the Pasytef company and founding member of the 5th Dimension dance company.

The Pasytef company is the first contemporary dance company and school in the suburbs where Omar had his first lessons in dance, theatre, poetry, songs, rhythm, classical, modern and contemporary dance.

Since 2004 until 2017, Omar is a full member of the first Danseconyemporain company, la 5ème dimension, under the direction of Jean Tamba, co-founder of the company.

They explore other possibilities of expression than dance. In 2009, he also worked at the Talibou Dabo Centre in Dakar, with mentally handicapped children who, through movement and rhythm, acquire physical well-being. He also offers regular classes to young inmates of the Ford B prison in Dakar, a very beneficial body/mind rejuvenation for these young people.

In his continuous learning process, Omar Sene followed a dance training with the French dance icon André Lorenzetti between 2005-2011 in Marseille.

In 2013 Omar brought dance to the street, he named it (Weuriko in Wolof, ), which means “improvisation”, the same date of creation of the first dance festival in the Dakar suburbs “Dalifort Dance Festival”, of which he is the director.

In 2014, he became a member and teacher in the first dance academy in Senegal, which is based in the regional cultural centre of Dakar, Blaise Senghor.

Today for Omar Sene, his mission is to train young people throughout Senegal and the world. He says that “Dance needs to get out of the halls and into the streets for the people, especially in the Senegalese suburbs.

His experiences and exchanges have enriched his artistic approach enormously. For his part, he continues his research and hopes to make many productions and work with various choreographers, in order to evolve and progress in his own dance technique.

Currently, he is a choreographer, dancer and trainer in the Om’Art Scène Company.

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