The silence of the spirits

The silence of the spirits kuyumarts 2023

In the current situation of a global pandemic, it is more necessary than ever to reflect on how to heal the wounds to enter the world of tomorrow.

The silence of the spirits is a reflection on how to heal this world of tomorrow. With the rapid progress of new technologies, the world will become faster and more dangerous as wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. Moreover, the poverty rate will increase in some countries and all this will lead to even more individuality. To avoid all this, we need to reconnect with our true nature. We need to listen to the spirits that remind us that another world is possible. We need to return to our roots, to the legacies of our ancestors, our caregivers who remind us that we are all equal. Differences in skin colour, religion and culture enrich us. No one is superior, because diversity is our richness and we need this diversity to live in harmony. To achieve this harmony, we have to leave behind the politics of politicians and the nation states created in offices. We need to focus on the people, to listen to what the street is telling us, to the rebellious voices that can be heard all over the world. Gradually they will blend together until they harmonise the energy of the world. This creation is a creation in progress because of the current context that has delayed and cancelled many events. And it is precisely this context that shows the need to use dance more than ever as a means of communicating with society on a global level and to think about the world of tomorrow.

Concept/Choreography: Omar Sene
Performer: Omar Sene
Photo: Elisefitte Duval
Duration: 20 minutes



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