Parcours (The Path)

With Konan Mathieu Karfou

This workshop develops around the piece “Mon Chemin”, which is a personal experience of the artist that he transfers to the stage as feelings through his body, his accessories (a red thread) and the sound of everything he encounters on his way.

He will guide the participants* to draw from their own experiences’ moments of turbulence, despair, abandonment and rebirth.

These elements will be used by the participants* to serve as the essence and meaning of the dance movement.

Spoken text is used. However, no matter what language the word is spoken in, the spoken word expresses a life experience full of emotion.

People with mobile motor skills are welcome, as well as physically disabled people. The content of the workshop relates to the personality of the artist. Therefore, to explore this emotional journey with the artist, a strong emotional resilience is required.

Level: Strong movement experience/advanced
Language: French and German



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