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Konan Mathieu Karfou

Mathieu Konan Karfou and dance, the adventure really began in 1992. Two years later, he found himself in the company of the “Sebelone” troupe directed by the late Béatrice Kombé (Betty), who would later become the choreographer of the Tchétché company. With her, he was introduced to contemporary dance.

In 1999, with experience, he became the main choreographer of the contemporary dance troupe of the Djolem ensemble. He has trained quite a few dancers who have become choreographers. Ange Aoussou, Director – founder of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance and training “Un pas vers l’avant”.

This is how he created the piece entitled: Mon Chemin (My Path), which has earned him much recognition. Mrs. Henrike Grohs, Director of the Goethe Institute, like many others, was seduced by his performance at the monthly dance programme ”DanseRaum” organized by the Goethe Institute and encouraged him to participate in the international festival of contemporary dance and scenography ”Afrik Urbanarts 2015” and in many other festivals.

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