I am [NOT] a parrot

I am [NOT] a parrot kuyumarts 2023

We use the word “exotic”, to label something that we cannot label. By calling it that way, we stop confronting ourselves with it. We are comfortable. We move day by day in different ways, and our movements are mostly automatic.

I started this piece when I was being compared with a “parrot” by an audience member, after seeing me perform a contemporary dance piece in a colourful costume.  In this solo, I’m working with different patterns inspired by automatic movement and stereotypes. I am experimenting with chanting, speech, loops and dance, the concept of repetition, by unwinding and recontextualizing different systems, from everyday life to personal experiences. This performance is a part of an ongoing research that originated in my relationship with normality and identity, by exploring and questioning the perspectives built on the female black body.

Concept /Choreography / Performance and Sound: Tatiana Mejía
Dramaturgical support: Elizabeth Leopold
Photo: Diego Alejandro Puerto
Duration: 20 minutes



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