Kuyum Arts 2023

Paraya Diallo

Paraya was born in West Africa Guinea-Conakry. He grew up with his beloved grandmother, from whom he learned to live with nature and always treat all living things with respect. He followed his passion for music at an early age and studied with various teachers including guitarist and composer Alpha Yaya Diallo. Paraya Diallo played in various bands and started his own projects as a soloist in 2019. His first recordings were made at Studio JJ Music in Conakry. In May this year, his first single was released, and we can look forward to his first album (to be released in autumn 23). Paraya Diallo composes and writes the lyrics for his songs himself during the pandemic. They are written in French, in his mother tongue Peulh and in the other languages of Guinea. Paraya Diallo plays his music for the people and, above all, with them. It is easy to groove into his music, it is intensely sonorous, alive. The songs are characterised by deep spirituality, love for people and confidence in life.



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