Soliloque dansé

Soliloque dansé kuyumarts 2023

In the dance soliloquy, the body of the dancer Nestor Gahe becomes the medium in which society and the individual meet with all their forces, conflicts and dependencies. What happens when the body parts (individuals) want to follow their own needs, although the whole (the body) has to function? How does cohesion emerge in this structure and what role do power, dependence and inequality play?

In his Soliloque Dansé, Yahi Nestor Gahe takes the audience into his soliloquy, in which he impressively transfers the classic “soliloguy”, known from theater as a form of monologue, to dance. With his body he depicts social structures, conflicts and relations of power and dependencies and ask questions of how a demarcation between each other is possible at all, when we are all inseparable.

Directed / Choreographed by: Yahi Nestor Gahe
Performer: Yahi Nestor Gahe
Photo: Peter Pöschl
Duration: 45 min



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