Kuyumarts 2021 edition

Partners 2021

Kuyum works with the following cooperation partners:

The Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte is the most important partner for the “Kuyum Dance Platform 2021”. As a communication platform for the independent performing arts scene, the Thbm has broad contacts, is located in the centre of the city and is taking the innovative path of developing an experimental outdoor rehearsal and performance space and participatory formats together with the neighbourhood. A diverse, post-migrant opening of the structures as well as physical diversity and participation of young people are considered from the beginning.

Kuyum cooperates with Art 62, Wearebornfree Empowerment Radio, Tanzkomplizen, Sozialistische Jugend Deutschland and Historischer Hafen e.V.

For the culinary side of the festival, Kuyum works together with the “Senegalese Food Truck” and “Papa Africa”.


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