Kuyumarts 2023 Natisa Exocé Kasongo
Kuym Arts 2023

Exocé Kasongo

Natisa Exocé Kasongo aka Exocé Existe is a multidisciplinary Afrocentric Artist: Artistic performer, dancer, visual artist. He mostly performs alone in improvisation and creation of stories or in the transmission of a language for other creators. His dance style is experimental storytelling. He considers himself as an Afropean because he was born in Paris of Congolese parents, so he has a double culture. Marked by a story between two worlds, Exocé Kasongo was born in 1995, in France. He grows up in a very humble environment and understands very early on that through Art he can break all barriers and reach the sensitivity of the people around him. Thanks to his years of experience, Exocé confirms himself as a dancer (Krump / Hip – hop) with Afro/Contemporary influences and starts to develop his own body language. His dance is mostly based on improvisation, expressing the true self in the present moment.

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