Gabrielle Curebal
Kuyum Arts 2023/2021

Gabrielle Curebal

Gabrielle is a dancer, choreographer, mover, and shaker from Rochester, NY. Her performance journey began at the age of five, she studied at the Draper School of Ballet and throughout her life, she has accumulated many experiences in the performing and fine arts that have cultivated her ever expansive and varied knowledge of different dance vocabularies—with ballet, contemporary, modern, West African, and jazz just to name a few. Her talent and dedication have taken her to Southern California, where she worked with prolific performance artists such as Jasmine Masters of RuPaul’s Drag Race and where she learned to design clothes and textile patterns. While she was living in Istanbul, she juggled raising a family with pursuing her artistic endeavors, developing what she calls emotional movingly physical lyricist —a reworked lyrical dance style that is less about literal interpretation of storytelling and more about moving from an emotional center. Gabrielle has been living in Berlin with her two sons since 2017 and has been an active presence in the performing arts scene.




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