Kuyum arts mini-edition 2022

Festival 2022

“Kuyum Dance Platform Mini Format is a two-day dance festival and will take place from 19.08.–20.08.22 at the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

The participating artists will give inclusive workshops for the young+ diverse group of people and create an open and neutral-collegial space for P.o.C. and Non-P.o.C artists, without Eurocentric devaluation, by showing their creative works to a wider public.

“Neo-African dance” is an open term in contemporary dance and is classified as folkloric dance by a Eurocentric view.  Neo-African dance is defined by the choreographic work of dance artists of African descent who are engaged with their postcolonial and personal histories in the African diaspora. We want to empower these artists in their professional fields by creating space through “Kuyum Dance Platform” where they can share their own themes, perspectives, and aesthetics with a wider audience.

We cordially invite everyone to participate in our events. The festival will take place on an open-air stage and in the studio with barrier-free access.

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