Don’t walk, dance! (Youth workshop)

With Meier Eden and Thomas Kunfira

The dancers Meier Eden and Thomas Kunfira combine elements of dance, acrobatics and breakdance in their workshop. All young people who would like to experience a 5-day excursion into these worlds of movement are invited during the Kuyum Dance Platform 2023 to take part in the youth workshop “Don’t walk, dance! (Youth workshop)” will take place. All of your creativity is called for. Here you are not only invited to try out and dance, but to invent. Together with you, the group will try out both simple and difficult challenges to the body. Can a forward roll even turn into a somersault? And how far will you get in building a human pyramid? Or do you want to try something completely different?

Together with you, the dancers Meier Eden and Thomas Kunfira will set off into interesting fields that may be unknown to you: dance, acrobatics and breakdancing. At the end, you will take the stage and show what you have worked on during the five days of the festival.

Requirements: open level / inclusive
Age: 12-18 years
Language: German and English

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