Dodzi Dougban
Kuyum Arts 2023/2021

Dodzi Dougban

Dodzi Komlan Dougban Born in 1979 in Recklinghausen, works in the rhythm and experience place ART.62 in Herten as an artist, children’s sports trainer and course leader in the field of dance and movement as well as an expert in non-verbal communication.

His parents come from Togo (West Africa) and encouraged him in early rhythmic education at an early age and let him dance with their own folklore group Dzigbodi. His many years of experience as a deaf dancer, with various awards, championship titles, dance theatre productions worldwide and TV appearances on KIKA, ZDF, ARD, RTL and SAT.1, have made him a great role model in the deaf scene.

Dodzi has been advocating for inclusion in the arts for many years and, apart from dance workshops for hearing and non-hearing people, he also leads training courses in non-verbal communication, where participants are introduced to German sign language.

Show / Workshop

Dancing feet on unknown ground (Workshop)



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