Kuyum arts 2023 Bernhard Richarz
Kuyum Arts 2023

Bernhard Richarz

Bernhard Richarz, MD, is co-director of the initiative tanzfähig and lives in Berlin. In addition to his professional work as a doctor and psychoanalyst, he began dancing regularly at the age of 27. Having lived with a disability from an early age as a result of polio disease, he procured his own dance training with lessons from Alito Alessi, Adam Benjamin, Jenny Haack, matanicola, Heini Nukari and others. After founding tanzfähig in 2007, he has been leading the initiative for more physical diversity in contemporary dance together with Evelyne Walser-Wohlfarter since 2010. He organises dance (currently mainly the company tanzfähig), is involved as a dancer in various pieces and teaches contemporary dance and especially improvisation.

Show / Workshop

Diversity teaches dancing (Workshop)



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