My Dance

My dance kuyumarts 2023

Nora Amin liberates the so-called belly dance from the sediments of history: she inverts the voyeuristic and exoticized perspective into a perspective of one’s own body and history, allowing the audience a new view. My Dance is an attempt to shift power, a reflection on female sexuality, the erotic self, and patriarchal oppression, as well as the impact of colonialism and racism on belly dance and on the image of women that goes with it. The solo is also a personal testimony of the author, choreographer, and director, who traces her own body history between Egypt and Germany. She searches for an artistic language that embodies both trauma and the ecstasy of liberation, and allows for communal dancing as an intimate and decolonial practice.

Concept /Choreography: Nora Amin
Performer: Nora Amin
Photo: Michaela Seifert
Duration: 60 min



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