Kuyum concert


Paraya Diallo plays his music for the people and, above all, with them. It is easy to groove into his music, it is intensely sonorous, alive. The songs are characterized by deep spirituality, love for people, and confidence in life. If love, liveliness, and confidence can be felt by the people listening and dancing, then […]

Kuyum conference

Kuyum conference 2023

“Embodiments of Dance Transformation” One-day conference at Kuyum Festival, 10.09.2023 10:00-13:00 Concept, curation & moderation by Nora Amin Not only is Kuyum Dance Platform interested in presenting new forms of African dance, or neo African dance, it is equally interested in raising awareness and stimulating the debates around a new transfer of knowledge in the […]

Kuyum Collaborative

Kuyum Collaborative kuyumarts 2023

ONE or togetherness – that is what the Kabiyé word “Kuyum” means. Under this motto, five dancers from different African cultures try out new ways for a Neo-African dance: rapprochements and repulsions, strangeness and familiarity. A stimulating exchange begins! The process of “Kuyum Kollaborativ” brings the five dancers and their dance languages, each shaped by […]



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