Auprès du printemps

About Ahmed Soura

Ahmed soura Auprès du printemps kuyumarts 2023

Inspiration was provided by information gained from scientific research on the discovery of plastic particles – microplastics – in the rain. The choreography recalls strength, endurance and at the same time the neglect of man through the use of plastic. He is inundated by plastic in the world he has changed. Microplastic leaks into the sea and is difficult to capture, erase or even recycle. Marine animals are the first victims of this “plastic” poisoning. They are followed by humans. The voices pointing out this horror are getting louder and louder. In “Auprès du printemps”, Ahmed Soura turns to the microphone and lets the audience “see in his eyes” instead of reading them. The dancing body plays with the fear of being the next victim of plastic. With the help of time and a big swing, the body takes control and frees itself from the plastic.

Concept and Choreography by : Ahmed Soura
Performer: Ahmed Soura
Music: Arbol- Nomi/ Arbol- You travelled my Heart
Costume : Kerstin Junge
Production : Ahmed Soura Company
Photo: Mattias Seidel
Duration: 15min




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