Mother and daughters, workshop by Nora kuyumarts

Mother and daughter

Nora researches the personal expressions of the self through movement and dance, explores physical and emotional memory and suggests healing processes through expression, empathy, and human bonding. Baladai dance/Raqs Sharqi workshop with Nora is aimed for mothers and daughters who like to celebrate their femininity together, examine how to bridge the generational gap, and enjoy their physical and emotional, and mutual power beyond prejudice and shaming. The workshop is open level, inviting improvisation and duo interaction, and is made in a safe environment.

With Nora Amin

When: August 19, from 16h 30 to 18h 30.
Duration: 2 hours.
Rate: Free of Charge

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Workshop by Nestor Yahi Gahi Laughing movement technique durch lachen menschen nähern und neue bewegungsarten schaffen

Laughing movement technique
Approaching people through laughter and creating new ways of moving

What is laughter? How does laughter work physically? What energy is transmitted through laughter? How can I dance my laughter? Can my laughter be someone else’s music? How does laughter connect us? What happens when we all laugh?

Your body is the starting point of the work, it can be the transmitter or the receiver. In the class, you will look for a new dance language led by your torso, an exploration of the physical origins of ‘laughter’, moving the gaze away from the extremities to the center of the body. You will engage with your own laughter and activate self-awareness.

The workshop focuses on the positive aspects of laughter and will explicitly highlight the aspects that make us feel good.

With Yahi Nestor Gahé

Date: 20.08.2022
Time: 11:00-14:00
Cost: 35 Euros

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