Who am I? Where am I going? And in what way am I doing it?

Soliloque dansé is a dance soliloquy, questioning the existence of humanity and its evolution. A self-reflection, on existential themes such as society, groups and their relation to the individual. Soliloque dansé is an artistic and scientific research, involving the whole body. In doing so, I ask myself the questions of how a soliloque, apart from theater, works in dance. What are the elements that make this form of expression possible? How is the audience involved in such a monologue without words? Soliloque dansé aims to find answers to all these questions.

7/31/21 from 6pm
40 mins, concept/choreography/dance: Yahi Nestor Gahe

Ticketing, prices of the festival:
Discount :10 euro discount for the people who ws, H4, students, trainees, severely disabled).
Normal 15 € tickets per day

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