„Next“ von Janne Gregor

“Next” by Janne Gregor

“next…” is a video dance project with six dancers between six and sixty in Bamako and Berlin. Over the course of three months, a correspondence develops between two couples on each of two continents, as they exchange dance messages through video letters:
What could interest my counterpart about me? What would I like to tell about myself? What would I like to know? And where is our common denominator?

Next… is the exchange between people who would not normally meet. They are introduced to each other and develop their own interests in each other and their own style, they question each other and set themselves improvisation tasks. They are accompanied by female choreographers, in Bamako by Kettly Noël and in Berlin by Janne Gregor. The process is accompanied by a camera on both continents. The result is a dance film that will be performed in both cities.

When: 19.8.22 and 20.8.22
Screening time: 20:30
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte


Artistic direction and choreography Berlin: Janne Gregor
Choreography Bamako: Kettly Noël
Dance Bamako: Kettly Noël, Nassika “Coumba” Coulibaly, Siaka “Chacool” Traoré
Dance Berlin: Brit Rodemund, Ingo Reulecke, Moussa Nehrig
Camera Bamako: Fatoumata Tioye Kanddioura Coulibaly
Camera Berlin: Konrad Waldmann
Music: Ahmed Ag Kaedy & Moritz Thorbecke
Consulting + Editing: Lutz Gregor
Dramatic accompaniment: Matthias Mohr
Subtitles Bambara: Anke Nehrig
Subtitles French: Marion Davenas
Production management: Sina Kießling

Thanks to:
Tsepo Bollwinkel, Mory Kouyaté, Oumou Diarra, Simon Rose, Anke Nehrig, Jens Greuner, Morikè, Tènin Kouyaté, Sogona Diarra, Anti Logic Mastering, Fatim Câmara, Tènin Kouyaté, Anti Logic Mastering, Waly Traoré, Martin Lumma, Coco Ramatou Gregor.

Sponsored and supported by: Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Neustart Kulture, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, nationale Performance, radialsystemnetz und conko S-KODANCE, ART & EVENTS BY KETTLY NOEL