My Body, My Roots, My Dance

Cultural, traditional or folkloric?! The so-called belly dance has been categorised, objectified and even falsely appropriated by Western culture. In its original Egyptian name, Baladi or Raqs-Sharqi, this dance can be a dance of empowerment and personal authorship. With many of its movements linked to African dance styles, Baladi is a hybrid form that encompasses multiple dance vocabularies and techniques. Like many of the diasporic transformations of African and Arabic dance, this method of Baladi dance training embraces the dimensions of identity affirmation and healing. This workshop with Nora Amin and Iury Salustiano Trojaborg is for adults of “all genders” who like to experiment, move the body dynamically and define their own emotional expression of celebration and autonomy. With a mix of biographical notes and writings, this encounter aims to produce personal statements of Baladi dance combined with a theatrical sense of expression and communication.

With Nora Amin and Iury Salustiano Trojaborg 

6/25/21 and 6/26/21 from 12 to 2 p.m. each day (Garden Stage Courtyard).

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