Le Serpent de vie

Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui, dancer and dance teacher from Togo, takes you into the world of AFRO-AFRICAN technique.

AFRO-AFRICAN technique is an African dance of modern expression, it is a synthesis of traditional dances of West Africa, Western contemporary dance and Caribbean dance (Haiti/Cuba…), where you will dance with a free body, an open mind and fluidity. This technique is an ongoing dialogue with the cosmos and nature, it works mainly on rooting, breathing and the mobility of the spine, giving special importance to improvisation and musical accompaniment.

While retaining the strongest elements of African dance, such as energy, rhythm, earthy/grounded movement and elevation.



LEVEL: Open level, all styles/techniques welcome!

With Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui

7/31/21 and 8/1/21 (both 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) (Dance Studio Garden)

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