(K)eine Kommunikation

ART.62’s new production featuring deaf dancer Dodzi Dougban and and the dance and acrobatics artist Thomas Kunfira, which was directed by Denis Dougban, deals in the most entertaining way with the theme of non-verbal non-verbal communication and sign language. Immediately at the beginning, an engaging atmosphere is created by the immense stage presence of the two main actors. the immense stage presence of the two main actors. The combined talents of the professional dancers from the fields of hip hop, break dance and acrobatics, manage to capture everyone’s attention and create suspense. The aim of the production is not only to thrill, but to challenge and sustain the audience and make a long a lasting impression to open up a new world.

7/31/21 from 6pm.
30 mins, concept/choreography/dance: Dodzi Dougban, Thomas Kunfira

Ticketing, prices of the festival:
Discount :10 euro discount for the people who ws, H4, students, trainees, severely disabled).
Normal 15 € tickets per day

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