Yahi Nestor Gahe Kuyum Tanzplattform 2022


The traditional gumboot dance from South Africa. Learn to beat your gumboots to the beat of the gold mines with me. The Gumboot Dance started in the gold mines of South Africa. There, people were forced to work in poor conditions. The workers used the rubber boots of their work uniforms as an instrument and developed from it an independent form of expression of rhythm and dance as a means of communication. Today, gumboot is danced on the streets of South Africa, developed further and presented on large stage shows worldwide. It combines the stamping of feet with the slapping of rubber boots, the clapping resonances of hands with singing and vocal rhythms. So the gumboot lesson includes several parts: Dance – Rhythm – Song – and the history of the gumboot.

For your participation : Kindly bring along  knee-high rubber boots and comfortable clothes.  There are Rubber boots available  for  rent on request.

With Yahi Nestor

7/30/21 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. (garden)
Bring rubber boots

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