Dodzi Dougban

Born in 1979, is artistic director at the Creative Center for Rhythm and Movement in Vest. He is also a lecturer in nonverbal communication and teaches sign language. A deaf since his child, despite being away from his nativ Togo he makes sure that his culture and origins are well represented wherever he performs. Dodzi has been an integral part of their performances of African folklore since childhood. He found his own focus in dance in Hip Hop, Modern Afro and contemporary dance a passion he now shares in various schools where he teaches and in workshops he conducts. He has been German champion five times and European champion three times with his dance groups. As a dancer, choreographer, model and actor, he has been involved in various video productions, television shows and dance theater pieces. Most recently, he appeared in the play “Es geht um Sie” in the choreography of Patricia Noworol on the stage of the Kulturzentrum Herne and the Schaupielhaus Bochum and participated as a performer and coach in the EU project “Un-Label”.