What and whom do we see when we meet? We ask ourselves where the others are going. And whether it would be good to go along or even to stand in the way. Would the others then have to cross a border in order to re-establish closeness? How well do we really know each other, do we always know what our counterpart needs? Janne (mother) and Coco Ramatou (daughter) try out how close you can really be when you dance together. The last bit of strangeness – maybe it is also the motor to discover each other again and again …

7/30/2021 from 6 pm.
25 mins
, concept/choreography: Janne Gregor  Production: TANZKOMPLIZEN  Dance: Janne Gregor and Coco Ramatou Gregor (Dance piece for young audience from 5 y.0o. and family)

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