Órla Wittke

Órla Wittke studied Theatre and Performance at Freie Universität Berlin and Trinity College Dublin. During her degrees she focused her academic research on performances taking place in spaces away from the theatre stage such as performance installations, Live Art, happenings, LARP, and performances in the digital space. Órla’s own creative work entails three Live Art productions that took place in Dublin in 2019. Silence I and II centered around the happenings at Hambacher Forst where activists occupied trees in protest against large parts of the forest being cut down to extend the grounds of a coal mine. The durational performance Syringa memoriae engaged with the attempt to convey and reconnect to memories preserved in a video recording of a garden in bloom.

After a few years in full time positions testing video games, working in customer service and administration Órla is returning to her work in performance art. Her current research and planned projects aim to connect human qualities and emotions with the use of AI systems to imagine a peaceful creative collaboration.

Órla is excited to join the team of Kuyumarts this year in the communications department working closely with artistic director Felix Dompreh.


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