Kuyum conference

Kuyum conference 2023

“Embodiments of Dance Transformation” One-day conference at Kuyum Festival, 10.09.2023 10:00-13:00 Concept, curation & moderation by Nora Amin Not only is Kuyum Dance Platform interested in presenting new forms of […]

Kuyum Collaborative

Kuyum Collaborative kuyumarts 2023

ONE or togetherness – that is what the Kabiyé word “Kuyum” means. Under this motto, five dancers from different African cultures try out new ways for a Neo-African dance: rapprochements […]

Soliloque dansé

Soliloque dansé kuyumarts 2023

In the dance soliloquy, the body of the dancer Nestor Gahe becomes the medium in which society and the individual meet with all their forces, conflicts and dependencies. What happens […]

I am [NOT] a parrot

I am [NOT] a parrot kuyumarts 2023

We use the word “exotic”, to label something that we cannot label. By calling it that way, we stop confronting ourselves with it. We are comfortable. We move day by […]

The silence of the spirits

The silence of the spirits kuyumarts 2023

In the current situation of a global pandemic, it is more necessary than ever to reflect on how to heal the wounds to enter the world of tomorrow. The silence […]

My Dance

My dance kuyumarts 2023

Nora Amin liberates the so-called belly dance from the sediments of history: she inverts the voyeuristic and exoticized perspective into a perspective of one’s own body and history, allowing the […]

*The Sys-[tem]*

Noir: The Unknown Life of Claudette Colvin

*The Sys-[tem]* is the stripping of choreographic techniques of their spectacular dimensions to keep only the raw movements in order to slide from a phrase formulation to another dance style with […]

My Path

My path, kuyumarts 2023

In this piece, the choreographer blows himself and expresses a brutal agitation. “My Path”. It is the human being in the grip of an existential crisis of orientation. It is […]


“Diekpo” Our Rites kuyumarts 2023

This neo-African dance production is a creative process centred on a ritual practice known as “Dipo” from Krobo land, located in eastern Ghana. It is a female rite of passage. […]

next…II (Mali/Island)

“next...II” (Mali/Island) kuyumarts 2023

In the 3-channel installation next…II (Mali/Iceland), two dance artists in the diaspora enter into a dialogue through performative video letters; Charmene Pang and Kettly Noël. Kettly Noël, a Haitian, has […]



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