Mother and daughter

Nora researches the personal expressions of the self through movement and dance, explores physical emotional memory and suggests healing processes through expression, empathy and human bonding. Baladai dance/Raqs Sharqi workshop with Nora is aimed for mothers and teenage daughters who like to celebrate their femininity together, examine how to bridge generational gap, and enjoy their physical and emotional power beyond prejudice and shaming. The workshop is open level and is made in a safe environment.

With Nora Amin

7/28/21 from 2pm-3:15pm- first group (dance studio). / 15.30-16.45 (dance studio)- second group (dance studio)

29.7.21 from 14-15.15- first group (dance studio) / 15.30-16.45 (dance studio)- second group (dance studio)

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